About Us

TCSUH.NET has been built by researchers of Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston (TCSUH) as a part of our Biomedical Research Initiative. Website features various active biomedical research projects related to cancer, vulnerable plaque, obesity, fetal neuromaturation, etc

The TCSUH.NET brings together scientists, engineers and physicians from the University of Houston and throughout the Houston Area with a mutual interest in the development of novel biomedical sensors and instruments utilizing superconductor technology. The goal of TCSUH.NET is to encourage and facilitate invention, patenting and early stage development of medical devices, and medical software development.

The TCSUH.NET is a web-based information portal acting as a hub for the collection, storage and timely dissemination of information for the interests and pursuits of the entrepreneurial players, including faculty, students, and practitioners.

Contacts: Dr. Audrius Brazdeikis