High Frequency Characterization Laboratory

The High Frequency Characterization Laboratory is headed by Professor Jarek Wosik.

Mission: the main focus of this laboratory is to make scientific and engineering contributions towards the utilization at microwave- and radio-frequencies (rf) of HTS thin films and devices in bio-medicine and an improved understanding of high frequency properties of HTS materials at high dc and rf fields.

There is a promising niche market for both clinical and research applications of HTS single or phased array surface probes for high-resolution MRI. Especially successful development of multi-elements HTS phased array MRI coil may accelerate the recognition of HTS coils as the market applications. There could also be a moderate but significant market in biology research labs and clinics for low-field MRI using either cooled copper or HTS based MRI probes.

Active projects: the laboratory is currently engaged in various projects related to …

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